Partner man-Virgo …If the sign of the zodiac male is a virgin, you can be almost «one hundred» sure that he is extraordinary, educated, logical. Female logic though many of his actions are not clear.

One of the key features of this men – a heightened sense of responsibility. Another nuance of nature by which man-Virgo can be recognized, – an extraordinary performance. Virgo-a man not only can a lot of work, he is willing to work from dawn to dusk, to go headlong into the scope of their professional research and completely forget about everything else. Yes, the virgin-men – workaholics.

This man always kept, neat, smart. This provides him a respectable and attractive appearance and the glory of intelligent man. Add to this the punctuality and precision bordering on the Royal politeness.

Richard Gere

«Oh, what a wonderful portrait!» – exclaim many, especially the beautiful ladies. However, in fairness it should be noted that the sense of duty inherent in the man-virgin, and is able to bore and scruples and a penchant for perfect order to stand can not all.

Therefore, the male Virgo has a reputation for sometimes a pedant and a bore. The lack of need to pour out our emotions to others, to cry on his shoulder, and secrecy in love Affairs can be perceived as a manifestation of coldness, including sexual. Meanwhile, in the breast of this representative of a strong half of mankind can rage and serious passion. Only few people can see their flame.

A description of the nature

By the nature of a male virgin resembles a shiny lacquered surface. It feels like all the feelings hidden inside him, or not at all. Actually this is a wrong perception. After all, from an emotional point of view virgin is capable of many things: how deep love, and excruciating jealousy. That’s only his passions magma never erupts outside. He doesn’t like to Shine, but in the high society usually feels familiar.

The love of a male virgin to self-discipline helps him get used easily with even the strictest etiquette. After the age of 30 years, when his time comes, he, like the chrysalis into a butterfly, turns into a model of integrity and nepotism.