Love and love: what is the difference?Yesterday you did not even know about its existence, and today like crazy: he’s so cute and charming . so knowledgeable and fun, so successful and accomplished. The owner of broad shoulders and a confident gait, taut buttocks — he is an extraordinary person, skilled lover, a loyal friend and an attentive interlocutor.

You fell on the ears! Want to see him every second, I want to be unique and forever desirable to him, you want to make him a bunch of kids, and just want it… But love it? How to distinguish it from ordinary love? Women’s site “Beautiful and Successful”, talks about the intricacies of both feelings and looking for differences between them ! Continue reading

Love is not focusedAs only love will complete its natural path (remember – on average, the state of being in love lasts two years), we’ll be back in the real world and begin to press their claims. He will speak about his desires, but his desires are different from those who have it. He wants to have sex, but she was very tired. He wants to buy a new car, but she retorts: “It is absurd”. She wants to visit his parents, and he said, “I don’t like to spend much time with your family.” He wants to participate in the softball tournament, and she said, “do You love softball more than me.” Slowly the illusion of intimacy evaporates, and personal desires, emotions, thoughts and behaviours manifest themselves. They are different individuals. Their minds are not merged, and their emotions mingled in the ocean of love only for a moment. Now the waves of reality begin to separate them. They go from being in love and at this stage, or away from each other, not living together, divorce and go in search of another love, or start the difficult process of learning to love each other without the euphoria generated by the obsession of love. Continue reading

Love and love - spot the differences!This is an excerpt from the book by Gary Chapman “the Five languages of love”. The book I highly recommend reading, as in this passage talking about the distinction between love and infatuation. And I fully share the position of the author.

We were led to the fact that if you’re really in love, it will last forever. We will always experience the same wonderful feelings that now. Between us there can be no misunderstandings. Nothing can destroy our love. We are charmed, we are in thrall to the beauty and charm of our friend. Our love is the most wonderful that has happened to us in life. We see that some couples seem to have lost that feeling, but with us this will not happen. “Maybe they have never been this excited,” we say to ourselves. Continue reading

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Love and love

Before moving on to the General characteristics toward real, true and lasting love, I would like to clear the field of classical element, making confusion: love. Continue reading

How to determine is it love or infatuation.Everyone wants to love and be loved. Any life benefit and achieve, be it wealth, fame or professional success, can’t give a man of infinite happiness, which gives him love. But when feelings begin to perehvatyvat over the edge, emotions are out of control, reason, and common sense switches off — it is unlikely that the human condition can make him happy. In addition, all of the above symptoms are more likely to testify not about love, but about love.

Love is easily mistaken for love. because they have a lot in common, for example, the desire to be with a loved one, the joy of communicating with him. How to learn to distinguish love from love to avoid unpleasant disappointments? Continue reading

Love and affection are. What's the difference?Love…or love… How to understand, in what their difference? What if I don’t, but just strong infatuation? At first glance, they resemble each other these feelings, but at the same time and totally different. How not to be mistaken in their feelings to the other person? Let’s, as they say, lay all on the shelves: for one put love, to another – love. Because each has its place.

Love… It is a lightning flash, a passionate desire to possess someone. It is a beautiful and easy feeling that makes us fly and circling in the clouds. But love is short-lived. Over time the feelings fade away to the person who recently experienced a strong attraction. He wasn’t needed anymore. We need it was temporary. When we love, we are afraid to be themselves. Continue reading

Eternal love, can it be such...Each person, in other words, all people dream of everlasting love in life. But if you look at the love of two hearts, actually can it be eternal – it is itself, in principle… the Main thing here is not to confuse love with infatuation. Indeed, the love can last only two to four years . According to scientists, that is how much time should two people (according to the observations of scientists for the ancestors), in order to have their offspring and to teach him at least to a small elementary independence. Perhaps that is why so many divorces happen and change in families after living together for three or four years. Here the opinions of scholars and begins to work as a genetic code. Continue reading